The Making of….

Sweater "lazy lapis everyday"

…my madelintosh sweater. It has been a while since I finished this project. But a lot of people asked me on ravelry about it.

So, I love to share my working notes with you:

I started with the hem and as I knitted half of the raglan, I found that the hem is too wide and till drop off my shoulders… So I decided to unwind.

Then, I restarted and estimated size S.
CO 136 sts on needle US 4/ 3.5mm for the hem and needle US 6/ 4mm for the body.


  • I estimated the whole pattern to Size S. Now it fits perfectly:

CO 136 sts on smaller needle US 4/ 3.5mm. Purl for 2.5 cm / 1 inch.

  • I made the “V” in purl stitches smaller.
  • I continued “fake” seams of the raglan decreases on the sides of the body and the arms: Just 2 purl stitches on each side of the BOR marker.
  • Finally, at the hem of the body, I simply repeated the short row section one more time. Now the back is more curvy and a longer than in the pattern.

I am very happy about the result, and still in love this the yarn and the colour ;)